What is SPIPA?

The South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA) is an intergovernmental non-profit agency, tribally chartered by the Chehalis, Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, Skokomish, and Squaxin Island tribes. SPIPA provides direct services, planning, and technical assistance to each tribe and eligible Native Americans residing within the SPIPA service area. For more information on SPIPA, please visit our home page at  http://www.spipa.org


 What is TANF?

 The SPIPA TANF Program began in 2004 and serves the Nisqually, Skokomish, and Squaxin Island tribal reservations, as well as an urban site in Tacoma and Bremerton. We provide TANF services to all eligible native families residing within our TANF service area. 


Promoting Self-Sufficiency in Tribal Families

The goal of the SPIPA TANF Program is to promote and support tribal children and their families in reaching their full potential, becoming healthy, productive and self-sufficient.


 Assistance With Respect

 SPIPA TANF is offered in a way that:

  •  Protects and benefits tribal children
  • Respects the basic culture, values and traditions of Native Americans; and
  • Gives families access as well as input to a full range of programs and services

Our goals are to:

  • Promote Self Sufficiency
  • Promote Education
  • Emphasize Work
  • Promote Two-Parent Households
  • Promote Family Stability
  • Promote Independence


 You may be eligible for assistance

South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency’s (SPIPA) Tribes Assisting Native Families (TANF) Program was developed to assist low income families in obtaining needed services to gain self sufficiency. Services may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Education
  • Adult Basic Education and GED preparation and completion
  • Vocational training
  • Job readiness training
  • Work experience, subsidized employment and job training
  • And other identified resources to meet the needs of the family

*Services are available as funds permit


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